Intelligent Global Marketing Approach

Literacy Systems

Students of all ages, parents and educators will benefit from the formulas we’ve included in “The Quantum Language  System” (QLS).  Among some of its objectives is to activate the mind with multilingual skills to empower them for today and the future with the necessary tools that will free world populations from illiteracy.

Our scientific and neuro linguistic research will continue to unlock the sounds units of world languages, dialects and musical notes. We are also experimenting with 3D automated letters that will enhance entertainment, marketing and telecommunications systems like no other filter has done before.

iGMA is merging Education and entertainment to utilize film and music to bring learning to the next level. People across the face of the earth will be better off when the mental switch is moved to a multilingual modality.

The QLS is not just a language system it is a set of  formulas that can make every educational system more effective. The QLS  as of now is ESL ready (English as a Second Language). Within minutes with the proper multimedia resources the QLS can increase a person’s reading abilities to new levels.

Understanding Literacy Crisis: Looking at the problem of U.S. Low Learning gains from the roots to the top by the experts in English Language Learning.

Evolutionary Ideas

Humanity has entered a new phase in its evolution process by the empowerment of the mind.

The time has arrived for all people to acknowledge the advantages in learning to communicate in more than one language fast and effortlessly. The QLS infinite applications will fulfill multilingual communications needs.

People migrating or traveling form one geographic area to another have to deal with linguistic differences and challenges. The Internet has united the world; however, it stills relies on black and white writing modality. The QLS can make of global interaction a fun and easy multilingual color-coded reality.

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